Bad Blogger!!!

     I have been the worst blogger lately sorry! My life has been crazy in the best way possible. I am in love with being a mom… I seriously feel like I am walking on air. People are constantly telling me how happy I look, I had to ask my sister did I look miserable before? I am sure I did I went through a lot… I just wanted to be a mom more than anything else. Now my dream has come true! So where are my dreamsnow???? In Ethiopia of course! I am so ready to begin the adoption process to number 2 I dream of a little girl with brown eye and chocolate skin. I think about how Fox will be the best big brother ever because Fox is just perfect LOL!!! So I am going to do better at updating this blog to follow our Journey to our little girl and I am going to up date my old blog http://foxhart.wordpress.com with updates on Fox. I promise more updates!!!!


Going Home Pictures

scrapbook 5

Going home finally!!!

scrapbook 6

6 weeks

Fox had his 6 week check up he weighs 9 pounds 2 ounces that puts in in the 15%. The Dr is a little worried about his size he said preemies tend to start to gain  a lot all at once and Fox is still gaining under the ounce a day they want him too.

I have been struggling with the whole breastfeeding thing… Since Fox was in the NICU almost 3 weeks I had to pump and Fox got the bottle so once we were home I really hoped he would pick it up but he was still not strong enough to breastfeed and while he is getting stronger everyday he is also getting more and more used to the bottle. I am pumping 8 times a day and I have a freezer full of milk but I really want the whole breastfeeding experience.  I just don’t know how much longer I will keep trying to breastfeed him… I have decided though that even if he doesn’t take the breast I will continue to pump until I can’t no more.

Fox is a wonderful baby he still sleeps a lot almost 75% of the day Fox is sleeping! He makes me smile all the time. I love being a mom its the most amazing thing!!!

goodnight moon

fox goodnight moon

Birth Story part 3

    My contractions started coming closer and closer together and they hurt. The nurse came in a couple of times to check on me and she would ask how I was doing and I told her it hurt to which she told me of course it hurt it was labor, she was a real sweet lady LOL. My plan was to try and have a natural birth… well since I was already all drugged up with the mag I decided to get the epidural plus the Dr told me I should because I needed to keep my blood pressure down. I was waiting for someone to tell me I was ready to get the epidural but the pain got so bad and nobody had checked me over 3 hours so I told Mike to go find the nurse and tell her I NEEDED to be checked. The nurse came in and checked me and said I was at a 8 or a 9 which I knew I was at a 10 because I felt the need to push then she walked out well I started freaking out. Mike told me she probley went to get my epidural which I as nicely as possible informed him I was too far along and I needed to push so he had to go find the nurse. I was so afraid I was going to have this baby alone… Ha little did I know. Well she came in and I started pushing and pushing and pushing… Right as the baby was starting to crown the room started filling up with people. I was high risk and so was the baby so we had everyone in the room. All the sudden a lady came in and said her mom is outside and wants to come in to which I replied during a contraction let her in to which the lady replied YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LET HER IN… I laughed and said no really its okay let her in. My mom came in crying and I had to inform her we were strong women and no tears yet. She asked if I had the epidural, she was in shock when I said no because she was in my room when I had met with the anesthesiologist earlier. My mom had had four kids but never saw a live birth before she was my cheerleader and Mike was my ice chip man! Finally I pushed Fox out they put him on my belly for like a second before he was taken away he never cried louder than a kittens meow… I kept asking why isn’t he crying, it was one of the scariest moments of my life. They had to take him out to the room, thankfully Mike and I had a back up plan he was to go with the baby in case anything was wrong so Mike stayed with the baby. I was so glad my mom was there because I was so scared and I tore really bad so they had to stitch me up. She was there to hold my hand and tell me it was going to be okay. My labor nurse went to check on the baby, she came back and told me he had to be transported to another hospital with a level 3 nursery. I asked if I could see him before they left thank goodness I not only got to see him but I got to hold him.



Right after he was born


The first time I held my son

Birth story part 2

          By the time they wheeled me into Labor and Delivery I was sick… My skin was on fire but my teeth were chattering like I was cold, one of the nurses put a big blanket on me I could barely talk to explain I was HOT not cold. Then I started puking something I did all the way up to delivery it was super fun. Around 3:30 the Dr came in to insert cervidil which they were using to induce labor. He checked me and I wasn’t even a fingertip dilated so I had away to go. They told me I had 24 hours to give birth vaginally or I would have to have a c-section which freaked me out. Once the Dr left we went to sleep something we did on and off the whole next day. I wasn’t allowed visitors and I couldn’t watch TV because they were afraid it would cause me to sezure. So Mike and I got pretty bored more so Mike because I was all drugged up I really was in and out the whole day. I do remember everytime I woke up the babys heart rate monitor would be up super loud I asked Mike about it once we were home and he told me that the only way he could fall asleep was to listen to the babys heartbeat and me snore (something I do not do but he informs me the whole time I was in the hospital I snored like one of my bull dogs).  The dr came in at 3:30pm to check me and and give me the next dose of cervidil I progressed to only a 2 and by then I had been having the worst back contractions I knew this was going to be fun.

      My mom and my sisters snuck in to visit me there was no telling them I couldn’t have visitors. I was all freaked out too that I was going to get into trouble . I was glad they came to visit though because they brought mike food and made him go eat it. He hadn’t left my bedside at all in the 15 hours we had been in the hospital so I knew he needed food. After they left I got really sick again and they gave me some new medicine to stop my puking and it knocked me out I woke up at 3:30 the next morning right in time for the Dr to check me.

I was still at a 2 so I thought for sure they were going to do a C-section but the Dr decided to start pitocin and see where that got me. The pitocin stopped my labor at first so my contractions went away for a while. They moved me into the room I would deliver in and my grandma and aunt steff stopped by to visit then my mom and my sisters came back. My contractions were starting up again so I was glad to see everyone leave the dr came in at one and checked me again still at a 2 so he broke my water. That was the weirdest feeling ever. Once he left the contractions started getting faster and more and more painful.

Birth Story part one

I spent Saturday, Sunday and then Monday which was Memorial day on Bed rest. I started swelling really bad so on Saturday so Mike went to the drug store to buy a blood pressure monitor. I spent the whole 3 day weekend watching my blood pressure rise.  Finally late Monday night I decided we better go to the hospital, I called my mom to let her know we would be bringing the dogs by and she asked me if I was sure I needed to go in… I wasn’t sure at all actually I made Mike pull over on our drive to the hospital because I was afraid I was making a big deal about nothing but everything the Dr told me to come in for I had, the high blood pressure, a bad headache, seeing spots, and swelling up. So we continued on our way.

   We got to the hospital about 2:00 am and they took my weight which was up another 5 pounds from Friday and put me in a room where they got a urine sample and took my blood pressure which by this point was super high. The Dr was in our room within 15 minutes to inform us they were going to induce me right away because my preeclamsia was now sever and they didn’t want anything to happen to me or the baby. You could have heard a pin drop as he walked out of the room Mike and I were both in shock. Michael leaned over and said we aren’t even ready yet , which we weren’t we didn’t pack our hospital bag, the baby’s room wasn’t finished, we didn’t even have a outfit to bring him home from the hospital in. I was scared scared for my baby, scared for myself, and scared to give birth (which you think I wouldn’t be since I had 9 months to realize this baby had to come out some how) The Nurse then came in to inform me that they were going to put me on Magnesium sulfate to prevent me from having a seizure and he warned me that it was incredibly nasty stuff it would make me sick instantly. Ha that description didn’t do it justice. They also put me on blood pressure medication to lower my blood pressure. Then they moved me to labor and delivery…